If you are seriously want to start a blog then you find a perfect guide here, so forget everything for some time and sit at a peaceful corner in your house and focus on each and every word of this guide.

First of all I wish that after follow the guidance provided by “BlogDada” you will become a successful blogger in future with your hard work and focus.

So, now I can see that.

You are showing your focus and interest to read this article, you prove me that you are very focused and serious about your upcoming bright future in blogging, but the future will become more brighter when you continue your hard work to follow my methods which I was followed to start my own blogs.

When I start blogging, I always have one question in my mind that if I start blogging then it worth me free or I have to pay something to companies which will give hosting and domain services. So, if you also have same query then you get the answer after going through this article.

People like you, who want to start a blogging career and want to have a personal blog or website whatever you call it, don’t know that where to start. So, here I am going to give you exact directions and steps which I used to build my blogs. 

If you are looking to start a new blog or you have already a blog but you want to renovate your blog then this article will give you a step by step guide to start your own blog.

Benefits of a Blog

All human on this earth, always look for benefits in every kind of work, either in Study, Job or anything we have in our life, we always want the benefits first.

So Check out the benefits of blogging here.

It’s a best tool to show your knowledge to the world.

Help you to enhance your interest and passion. 

Make money from your skills. 

Win trust of your blog readers by your words. 

You will become teacher for newbie’s.

You will be capable to live your life freely with your own money.

You have lots of time for yourself and for your family also. 

And there are thousands of more benefits which I discuss with you in my future posts and you will feel the change in yourself when you become a blogger. 

So now let’s start a Complete Guide on How to start blogging. 

Here I give you each and everything about starting a blog as step by step guide.

Check each and every point very carefully and I promise you that you will become successful a blogger soon, if you face any problem here or anything in the future you can contact me anytime and you will get instant reply from me for any kind of problem.

Let’s start now.

1.Find your Passion, Interest and Topic for your Blog

There are lots of newbies who have different kind of mind-set for start a blog that they can start blogging about everything. Infect I am not saying that this is a bad idea to start describing your words in front of the world, with this process you will find that what it is you really want to focus on. I mean it will help you to find your passion about a topic which you want to show to everyone in this world.

Deciding the topic is the hardest part of this blogging journey. So for this solution you have to ask these few questions to yourself.

Can I write about my favorite topic?

What do I have to present that readers can learn from?

Is my topic interested where I am not bored in future?

Do I have proper knowledge about my topic?

Are there any readers for my topic? 

Can I write for 6 months without think about money from my blog?

Am I eager to learn new things from others also?

If you have answers of these important questions, then you are ready to go. Best of Luck

2. Discover the name (Domain Name) for your Blog.

Now this is one the most important thing for your future blogging identity, I am talking about the domain name for your blog.

Example: Google.com, Wikipedia.com, Moz.com, Yahoo.com etc. These types of names are called Domain Names.

So, decide the name according to your topic and I suggest you to choose at least 10 names before you start reading next line here.

So, I wish now you choose the names for your domain.

Now there are lots of companies out there who provided you good services after purchasing the domain. But I suggest you some best place for finding your domain name.


In domain names you have to choose the extension like .com, .in, .org, .net etc. it’s totally depends on your choice but personally my choice for domains is .com because in all over the world 95% internet users want to remember the domain which has a .com extension. So, try to choose a domain name with .com like www.yourselfquotes.com (My Blog).

  1. Process of Buying Domain Name:

Just open any website listed above, and proceed with these steps

Open the GoDaddy(or any other website) website.

Enter the name which you choose for your blog and check that is it available or not.

Then you get a pop up as a text line under search bar that whether the name is available or not, if it is available then it will show you that “Congrats! Your name is available, Grab it fast” or if it’s not available then it shows that “the Name you entered already taken”.

After you get the exact domain name which you want for your blog than you can proceed for the registration process provided by domain service provider and then you have to proceed with the steps provided by company for payment method via Debit/Credit card, Internet Banking, PayPal and many other methods and choose the option which suits you.

Follow and remember these things before buy the Domain names: 

Choose Short Name: If you choose long keyword domain name then might be its hard to remember that name for your readers and short domain names are easy to remember for anyone, so I recommend you to choose just two-word domain name, like I do for my this blog. “Blog+Dada”. 

Don’t Go with Numeric Words for Domains: According to Google for SEO purpose they will prefer the domains names with alphabetical keywords and not numeric keywords like digits or something like that for ex. Tech2top.com, top10things.com like that. So, always go with the alphabetical keywords for your domain names. 

Mostly Prefer Dot Com for Domains: As I already mentioned in this guide that .com domains are most successful and most demanded domains in the world and most of the readers on the internet used to wit .com names because it’s a permanent thought in the mind that domains name comes with .com extension. I’ll tell you why? in this world most of internet users love the domain names which comes with .com because it’s a common extension for all of us. 

Choose Domain Name according to Blog Topic: Always choose the domain name according to your blog topic. If you want to start a tech blog and your domain have keywords like dailyhealth.com then it’s a common sense that you choose a silly name. Your domain name must be similar for your blog topic. 

For Ex. Here I am providing blogging methods on Blogdada.com and on adwock.com we give SEO News for Digital lovers.

2. Hosting for Blog:

You have your domain according to your topic. 

So, now you work on your topic and create content, images, videos etc.

Now after that, the first question comes in front of you that – where I store my files? How to save files on internet?

So here comes the role of hosting. Hosting is an online server which helps you to store your files or data. 

In the blogging the data is everything for your blog so you have to select a hosting plan from a reputed company which has a capability of providing the 24×7 service.

From my point of view I recommend you some companies here:

A Small Orange Hosting

If you are serious about blogging and you have passion for blogging then I recommend you to take an annual plan of hosting. So, your mind is free for at least one year. After that you can focus on your quality content. 

Top points to keep in mind before buying the hosting:

Your Hosting service provider must be offering you unlimited space.


Get the plan which gives you a freedom to host unlimited domains in future.


The company must have 24×7 support because if you stuck anywhere in hosting cPanel software so you can call anytime at their customer care number and solve your problem.


Easy cPanel dashboard to manage the hosting.

3. Content Management System (CMS):

Content management system is a platform to publish the data which you create for your blog. Here I recommend you a platform which has over 60 million websites in the world. I am talking about WordPress it is CMS which I am using this for my blogs.


It has a very simple dashboard where you can easily add content, images, videos and many more.


You have so many tools to customize your data:


Visual Editor


Content editor


Add Media button for adding images.

HTML editor – to edit the code if you have knowledge of coding.

Here I give a screen shot of editor:

With this tool you can edit anything which you create and design your look of content according to your theme.



In WordPress you have freedom to install plugins which will gives you an advance functionality to monetize your view of blog.

Why I recommend WordPress:

World class CMS for blogging.

Freedom to develop anything because it is an open source platform.

Easy dashboard and editors.

Just one click install with your hosting cPanel.

If you stuck anywhere in wordpress then you can get help from wordpress users where many users share their views and help others in community.

You will feel the freedom after using this platform. 

Here I give you a complete guide on How to Install WordPress. So check out this guide and you can easily install the wordpress on your hosting and after that you will able to start your blog today.


So, I feel now you are ready to work on your blog so after installing the wordpress, you need some best plugins to customize your view of blog. Here check out the plugins which I recommend you to install and start customizing.

4. Start your Social Media Accounts Now:

In today’s world we all know the importance of social media. It is the most powerful tool for bloggers to increase their visitors and followers. So, the first task for you to start all Social Media accounts like Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google+, Instagram, Stumbleupon.

If you want to save your time before making all the social media accounts so just check out this website (namecheckr.com) and finds your name availability on all social media platforms.

5. Choose the Perfect Theme (Design of your Blog):

The theme is the front end of your blog where users access your blog with menu and links.

You can pick the theme according to your category and install the theme easily. WordPress has tons of free themes available on wordpress.org/themes. 

If you have any doubt about that how I install the theme then you can check my guide here to install a WordPress theme. 

I recommend you to choose a premium theme because it is very helpful for you in future and as per my research I was found that the Genesis and Themeforest are best platforms to buy premium themes. Whatever topic you choose for your blog, you get the all categories like creative, blog, retail, entertainment, technology, real estate, education and other categories on Themeforest.

Top Points to follow before buying WordPress Theme:

Always buy unlimited sites license.

Choose always simple and sober theme.

Theme must be compatible with Latest version of WordPress and theme service provider must give you updates for lifetime.

Theme must be responsive (Compatible with all devices like mobile, tablet, laptop and desktops).

Theme must suit your topic.

6. Final Step is Start Writing the Posts:

I feel so glad because you follow all steps and now you are the owner of your own blog which is built with your hard work and focus. I feel proud of you because you done everything with your hands and now you have something to show the world.

After that just one thing is missing which is post in your blog and posts fill with your content. So, start writing today by yourself. No matter how effective English you write but important thing is post the content on daily base. Your English will be improving day by day. 

I recommend you to read novels and English newspapers like The Hindu, Hindustan Times etc.

I recommend this to you because I do the same for myself because I feel nobody is perfect so improve yourself daily.

So, start writing today for your bright future.

Thanks for reading my guide on how to start a blog?

I am always prefer to help people around me and if you also prefer the same share this guide with your friends and help others because sharing the knowledge is always best help to others.